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Powerful Interview Questions

Ask your way to smart Recruitment Decisions.

Asking interview questions that allow candidates to use examples from previous employment history that clearly demonstrate the required behavioral indicators is a powerful way to assess their ability to demonstrate these behaviors in the future.

In this guide are examples of behavioral interview questions you can use to investigate some of the most common competencies.

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Interview Questions

On-Boarding Your New Recruit

You’ve gone happily through the recruitment process, and you’ve got a new employee, all fresh and shiny, straight out of the box. Here they are, turning up 15 minutes early on the first day, keen and ready to get stuck in to their new career. Oh, Employment Office, you’ve done it again!

But wait… you realize as you walk them to their desk / work station / machine, and ready them for induction training… this isn’t just a new human resource, designed specifically to take on the tasks and responsibilities assigned to them. It’s a person! You can see their face! Their hand is slightly sweaty! And was that a nervous joke? How are you going to make sure a person is comfortable coming in to this new environment?

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Where are your candidates looking?

Learn how to reach the best job seekers for your vacancy

Put yourself in your ideal candidate’s shoes. What media are they exposed to day-today? Where are they looking for a job? And more to the point, are they actively or passively seeking a new opportunity?

Candidates can be categorized into active and passive regarding their job seeking behavior and this can impact the success of your recruitment advertising. By advertising on generalist job boards, you’re targeting candidates who are actively seeking a new opportunity. But what if your ideal candidate is already employed elsewhere? How would you target them?

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